Fishbone, or Not holding my breath

Fishbone, photo by Ed Kiley
Very, very high above Lower Manhattan

At long last, the beautiful behemoth you see above, Santiago Calatrava‘s Oculus, the verrry grahnd entrance to the transportation hub at the World Trade Center, is finally set to open the first week of March. Only seven years after its original opening date. Yippee. That’s got to be a record, given that any civic construction project in this city takes a minimum of FOREVER.

It’s been called the most expensive train station in history ($4 billion), and Calatrava has been the subject of a lot of bitchy gossip from “unnamed sources” over the years, but I think they should all shut their yappers. New York City–the metropolis known for such beauties as Madison Square Garden [ick!], Philip Johnson’s Sony Building [Ugh.] and the Hearst Tower [BARF!]–is about to debut its first truly daring piece of modern architectural design, one that will be an instant landmark from the day it opens.  And I for one cannot freakin’ WAIT!

Side note: altho it’s supposed to resemble a bird in flight, from this angle it looks more like a fishbone. Don’t ya think?

Published by Ed

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