On Location: UrbanGlass


This week I had the pleasure to work with UrbanGlass, NYC’s international center for glass art and education, photographing some of the gorgeous glass creations to be featured in their upcoming Auction and Gala on October 21st.

The artwork ranged from the wearable to the sculptural to my personal favorite, the kind you can chug vodka from (Venetian-style goblets by local artist Adam Holtzinger). Click on the thumbnails above for a sneak peek.

If you see something you simply must have, might I suggest you purchase a ticket to the event, down a goblet or two of vodka, and spend lavishly on works of glass art handmade by local artists. You’ll thank me later when I’m thanking you for gifting me one or more of those handmade works of glass art you spent so lavishly on. [wink wink, nudge nudge]

Published by Ed

Marketing & PR guy turned fine art photographer, glassblower and general Rennaissance man.